Orthoptera Congress 2009
At the "Biotechnology for control of desert locust" Workshop in Antalya, 21-25 July 2009 at the ICO2009, several research and development projects were discussed for submission to funding agencies. The first one of interest is the NSF-Gates Foundation BREAD program, which has a due date for a letter of intent 5 August 2009.
Anyone wanting to be kept informed of the progress of these proposals should keep checking this website or
notify a member of the "Locust Committee" or thomas.miller@ucr.edu.
VDO presentations of Rabat Meeting now available
Please download them at Locust Control/Rabat Meeting page.
There are two versions of VDO, large and small.
Quicktime player also required. Download free version here
Dillon Presentation at Morocco Locust meeting 2008
Please download presentation here
LA Times: Insect found in Tijuana poses risk to California citrus trade
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A tiny insect that can carry a disease that kills citrus trees has been discovered just blocks south of the border in Tijuana, sending shock waves through the California citrus industry.The disease, known as citrus greening, has already killed tens of thousands of acres of orange groves in Florida and has the potential to ruin much of California's $1.2-billion citrus growing business, industry officials said.

Citrus threat found